Language Files

Please do not upload except XML file.
Make sure it is a simple XML file before you download.

How to upload your xml file:
First, press "files" button below and upload xml file.
then "edit" and create link to the file you uploaded.

Quizo may rename or edit in case xml files are
invalid or contain errors.

How to create link:
[[file file name|display name]]

How to localize QTTabBar on your computer:
see Documents

Template Language XML file ( version )

( right click and save as a file )

Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文 for 1.2.3b and by CzBiX
Chinese (Traditional) 正體中文 for 1.2.3b and
Italian QTTabBar language
Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文 for by WangKing
Chinese (Traditional) for
Czech 1.2.2
German AT
German CH
German DE 2.5.9 Beta
German DE
Italian QTTabBar language
Korean for v1.2.2.1
Polish PL
Portuguese v1.2.2.1
Russian v1.2.2.1 by Morkva
Russian v1.2.3b based on v1.2.2.1 by Morkva
Spanish AR
Spanish ES v1.2.2.1 final by Froilson
Turkish 1.0 by Testere
Ukrainian localization by SpyFOX (v1.0.1)