How to install plugins

Drop dll files to 'Plugin' page of Option window.
The file path must be persistent.



dll.png Window manager

This can force folder windows to open at preferred size or position.
Also provides keyboard shortcuts to move or resize window.

dll.png FileTools plugin pack

Pack of ButtonBar buttons.
(Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Copy To Folder, Move To Folder, Undo, Copy/Move To Parent, Properties.)

dll.png SelectionTools plugin pack

Pack of plugins to handle selected files in view.

Select Empty
   Finds 0 byte files and empty folders in view.

Select by extension
   Provides a button and keyboard shortcut to select or filter files with the same extensions as selected files.

Selection Info To StatusBar
   Displays informations of selected folders and files in statusbar.
   You can choose size, date of creation, date of modification, attributes, drive info, and folder info.

Edit attributes
   You can edit file system attributes of selected objects.

dll.png File creation plugins pack

Pack of buttons to create new folder and file.

New Folder
   Button to create a new folder. (for ver 128-)

New Text Document
   Buttons to create a new text file. (for ver 128-)

Create Sequentially Named
   Button to create files or folders numbered consecutively. (for ver 128-)

dll.png One Key Send-To

Provides keyboard shortcuts to copy / move selected files and folders to preset target.

dll.png Spacer

ButtonBar item which inserts spring spacer.
Buttons can be placed at the right of toolbar with this.

dll.png Activate By Mouse Hover

Activates a tab when mouse hovered.

dll.png Folder Memo

You can make a note for each folder. Memo window is displayed if the current folder has memo. Start to make a memo by click 'Show folder memo' in tab context menu. An option to show memo by mouse hover over tabs.

Sources of these plugins.

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