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Yea looks like a bug because I've got all mine inside folders, but I can't add any new folders anymore. I tried shortcuts and .exe's
I guess you can always edit the settings .xml file if you know how.

Heres the syntax if you need it. Just find the Application launcher section. Then add your folders, you should be able to rename them after you get them in.
also I think each folder needs something inside it or it just self deletes itself,

So I'd just add this code 5 times or so, then edit the dummy folders afterwards. I can add to my folders, just not make new one's

    <Folder Name="Dummy folder1">
      <Item Name="VirtualDubMod">

exactly same here, but in my case this problem happens after some inactivity of that Explorer window.

by Michael (guest), 01 Dec 2016 11:30

Hello Quizo,

I really appreciate QTTabBar so my comment here is regarding a feaure I would like to see added.
I understand that I can drill down on the breadcrumbs in the tabs itself and other places, but I think it would be really useful if we had the breadcrumbs drill down on Windows Explorer path itself, so one could drill down to the lowest level directory.

Thanks for the awesome work with QTTabBar.


Is it possible to get taskbar previews of all tabs open in a single window similar to internet explorer? I think such a feature will help getting to the desired tab quicker with Alt-Tab when switching to file explorer from a different application.

QTTabbar taskbar previews for different tabs? by Rahul Kadam (guest), 23 Nov 2016 12:57

You must download .Net 3 and Later

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Re: New update? by thamermousathamermousa, 18 Nov 2016 07:28

Good evening,

Very nice software of yours than that QtTabBar. Thank you for providing us with it.

On my Win7/64 I face a little but ennoying problem: when I try to declare new applications in the Application Launcher menu (via Settings/Application Launcher) I can add application at the top-level (New Item/Path/Browse folder, etc.). It remains in the A.L. menu once left the Settings. But when creating a folder (say "Application-Launcher-top-level/Network") then attempting to add an application in it, (say "TCPview"), it is lost ASA I leave the settings.

On the application screen shots on the web site it is shown that this is possible.

I am missing something or is this a regression from a previous version ?
I am using qttabbar 1038 (2015-12-8) and W7/94/SP1 English.

I found a way to turn the problem by creating toolbars in my AppData\Local\Windows Explorer\Toolbarsfolder, then DragAndDropping them to the Application Launcher icon.
But, in my opinion, it should not be the way of creating such launchers in QtTabBar. Further more, using this method I loose all the benefit of the described functionality of using folder/file parameters for each application that I set up.

Is there someone who can help me about this problem?



QTTab bar used to work fine in Windows 7, but now with Windows 10 I can't find the menu to work with tabs. Where has it gone?

Where have the tabs gone? by wikiuzerwikiuzer, 16 Nov 2016 15:12

QTTabs won't capture a window that has been opened with a select.

Ex1: start explorer.exe /select,c:\somefile.txt
Ex2: explorer.exe /select,c:\somefile.txt

It opens another instance of explorer.exe which is annoying.

Window Capture /select by TouchOdeath (guest), 14 Nov 2016 17:12

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Can we please get an update on this? If the developer is working on patching the new bug in Windows 10, I'll be patient and wait (and even donate). Otherwise I'll see if I can invest the time to fix it myself.

Don't have karma, so here's the log link: pastebin(dot)com/cVPQrarM

Re: New update? by shadolisshadolis, 05 Nov 2016 02:58
Submenu icon arrow
Mykou (guest) 01 Nov 2016 17:33
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Submenu icon arrow


I'd like to edit the default icon of submenu arrow , is it related to dll library ( shell32.dll ? )

I'm not sure under windows 10 anniversary

Thanks for any idea

Submenu icon arrow by Mykou (guest), 01 Nov 2016 17:33
sharya (guest) 28 Oct 2016 10:12
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » New update?

wait so long

by sharya (guest), 28 Oct 2016 10:12

Same Here, I've been waiting for this for so long and I hope Quizo will add some new features and improvements as well :)

Re: New update? by Anwar Ben TanfousAnwar Ben Tanfous, 27 Oct 2016 23:41
New update?
teslax (guest) 27 Oct 2016 21:01
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » New update?

When can we expect the new update? I have some freezing problems with windows explorer on Windows 10.

New update? by teslax (guest), 27 Oct 2016 21:01

If I try to navigate to a drive that can't immediately be navigated to (e.g. requires a password or is a network driving spinning up etc.) I get the navigation popup… but I'm unable to click it or dismiss it and it locks up the entire Explorer window. Sometimes it frees up after 30 minutes or so, sometimes it requires a reboot. This is on Windows 10 x64 anniversary (although it happened previously as well).

gr4ph0s (guest) 25 Oct 2016 16:55
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » File name blue when active

Btw since I got a bad karma (as the site said ^^) I can't post link. I just add a space beetwen .net and the first /

Sry for the double post I can't also edit my first post.

by gr4ph0s (guest), 25 Oct 2016 16:55

Hi the background of the file is bleu when I activate the tool. It's not a big issue but it's very anoying.
I'm on Windonws 10 x64

Desactivate : /pics/373276desactivate.jpg

Activate : /pics/185246activate.jpg

Anyway thanks for the tool

File name blue when active by gr4ph0s (guest), 25 Oct 2016 16:54
Alaa Mostafa (guest) 25 Oct 2016 13:09
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » How to backup folder memo

Dear Erixx
Thank you very much
Best regards
Alaa Mostafa

by Alaa Mostafa (guest), 25 Oct 2016 13:09


If you're taking abut the memo plugin, It says all data is stored here:

Quoted text: Data file is in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Quizo\QTTabBar\Plugins\Memo (From this version, data file name contains version num, not to overwrite old data.)

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