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Gigi (guest) 25 Sep 2016 13:12
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Windows 10 AU Support

Hi, I have the same problem even in earlier windows 10 build (few months ago already) and I found that you can get it to work again looking for in the View mode of the Explorer and clicking in the Qttabbar 2 or something alike that will be in there - like to be displayed in the bottom of the window…. well works but don't show anywhere else besides the bottom and also not every bar shows too…. well need to be fixed…… - the funny part is that the old version from sourceforge (1.5…, with its glitches…) works fine and display normally (well with the glitches of it). Thanks and keep your Good Work!!!!

by Gigi (guest), 25 Sep 2016 13:12
Paft (guest) 16 Sep 2016 21:34
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Windows 10 AU Support

Nevermind, working. Maybe I forgot to close Explorer.

by Paft (guest), 16 Sep 2016 21:34
Paft (guest) 16 Sep 2016 21:32
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Windows 10 AU Support

I only have these options: iDOTimgurDOTcom/lMb6vQW.jpg

by Paft (guest), 16 Sep 2016 21:32

Hello ,
In the file text created by QTTabBar for debugging,i can read that:

2016/09/14 09:30:31.1665
OS ver: 10.0.14393.0
QT ver: 1038.0
System.Security.SecurityException: Access to unauthorized requested register.
à System.ThrowHelper.ThrowSecurityException(ExceptionResource resource)
à Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.OpenSubKey(String name, Boolean writable)
à QTTabBarLib.RegistryUtil.OpenUserRoot(String subKeyName, Boolean writable, Boolean fCreate)
à QTTabBarLib.RecentFileManager.Initialize(Boolean fClear, Boolean fLock, Boolean fUpdateMaxCapacity)
The area of the assembly that failed was :
Optional information : RecentFileManager.Initialize

OS W10 x64 up to date on Clevo P170HM3

I did not encounter problem in using QTTabBar and it works well.
How to solve this bug ?

Best regards.

I do not find any option to change the TEXT COLOR of the Command Bar Icons in Options.
I have a color modified windows 10 Explorer Theme and the black text becomes unreadable.
i changed all background colors to dark explorer theme SEDA to match the design..
is text color MISSING or do i not find it?

Thats how it looks like:

deviantart SEDA windows 10 theme

Command Bar Icons by Ananda96Ananda96, 10 Sep 2016 06:21

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I have 1 problem, 2 suggestions

1. Problem - when i open a directory by double clicking in utorrent torrent row it open the folder BUT the utorrent list FREEZES for a while, can't dbl click next folder etc., anyone have the same? Any fix? It looks like utorrent is waiting for some confirmation but due to qttabbar hijacking the folder opening it won't get it and freezes

2. Suggestion 1 - clover has anti crash system, when explorer crashes or the process is suddenly closed it asks to restore previous tabs when it run again, this should be in qttabbar too

2. Suggestion 2 - a configurable alert dialog when closing the whole explorer window with more than xx tabs in it, quite handy

Well maybe i would fix all this, but there is no source code available for the latest version, so….

uTorrent freeze / crash backup / close warning by andrew (guest), 07 Sep 2016 23:35
ShrapNull (guest) 06 Sep 2016 18:59
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Suggestion

Hi, thanks for replying again.

Yes, I mean like firefox web browsers Ctrl + Tab switching through tabs. Chrome doesn't do it unfortunately so I tend to use firefox.
I wouldn't want 3D switching at all.

Thanks for the suggestion re keyboard shortcut. I have now set Ctrl+Tab to switch to MRU tab. This will get me through! Are there plans to add the functionality to cycle through the tabs in MRU order??

Many thanks,

by ShrapNull (guest), 06 Sep 2016 18:59
Andrew (guest) 05 Sep 2016 20:09
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Windows 10 AU Support

It works and is installed correctly, but you need to activate it in explorer options i imgur com/T4oZ6cZ.png (also need to be an active plugin in IE)

by Andrew (guest), 05 Sep 2016 20:09
lry (guest) 04 Sep 2016 13:03
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Windows 10 AU Support

Same for me. I really wish to bring it back!

by lry (guest), 04 Sep 2016 13:03
Erixx HaxxErixx Haxx 02 Sep 2016 22:52
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Suggestion

Hello Again:

Ok, I think I know maybe what you mean.

- Do you want it like fire fox/web browsers "Ctr+Tab" Switching through tabs.

If so, Mine is set to where I "Hold mouse Inside tab-bar empty space" and scroll mouse wheel. This switches through the tabs I have.
Not sure if I used a setting or if it's default.

Also go to keyboard shortcuts because their's an option to set a hotkey to "MRU Tab" This may be what you want.

- If your wanting like windows, "3D window switching", then I'm afraid not. But Still a hotkey might work here, just no 3d stuff.

Hope maybe this helps you out,

by Erixx HaxxErixx Haxx, 02 Sep 2016 22:52
ShrapNull (guest) 02 Sep 2016 10:50
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Suggestion

Thanks for the reply.

The feature suggestion is different to the answers you suggested.
I suggest an option to allow holding down Ctrl + pressing tab to cycle through the tabs in most recently used order. This would improve productivity immensely.

Thanks again for your response.

Kind regards,

by ShrapNull (guest), 02 Sep 2016 10:50
Erixx HaxxErixx Haxx 01 Sep 2016 08:37
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Suggestion

Their is a button you can add to the top command bar that does this. (Options>Cmd Buttons)
Also, have you tried to use the "Desktop tool". Option, I think it does most of this..

Enable it and double click on your desktop. it list MRU

by Erixx HaxxErixx Haxx, 01 Sep 2016 08:37


I think Q-Dir does this, but lacks a lot of other options that Qt-Tabbar has..


quoted: It also opens in a new WINDOW - not what we want….

Not sure what settings you have, but mine just opens The new tab right next to the current one. Same window..

ShrapNull (guest) 30 Aug 2016 21:31
in discussion Forum / QTTabBar General Discussions » Suggestion

Has this been asked before? Why is it ignored???

by ShrapNull (guest), 30 Aug 2016 21:31

+1 - could be useful, as your tree doesn't get expanded all over (with many subfolders), though it might require extra-resources (RAM).

(and your English is fine)

'Open a new tab'

this automatically opens the folder-dialog, after which pressing 'F4' doesn't work anylonger (I understand you want to move the cursor to the address-bar), as the dialog-box keeps the focus.

I can't find any setting to prevent the dialog-box popping up - maybe in the registry, but it should be in regular options.

by TroJayTroJay, 25 Aug 2016 11:28

It also opens in a new WINDOW - not what we want…. Clicking on '+' should open a new tab with an empty address-bar into which you paste a folder-path (ideally, it would pick it from the clipboard and after some check it will paste-and-go - similar to web-browsers).

Yes, that would be useful. Not sure why the dialog-box opens in the first place - and in my case it is even the old version (just a folder-tree) - not the modern one (tree on the left, folders on the right). It would be nice to somehow change to the new one (maybe it's a registry setting?), as the current method is a pain. What we 'need' is a new tab, with an empty address-bar - similar to a web-browser.

For now: select a locked tab and then paste your path into the address-bar - it will open in a new tab.

(and to copy paths, I use this tiny gem: www .com)

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