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One manual method to convert OST to PST is given below
Create a new PST file
Open Outlook and Go to file Menu
Go to Account Settings and click new. A new PST file will be created
Now Copy the data from OST file and drag it to new PST file.
This way your OST data is exported to new PST file for free. For instant conversion of files you can use OST to PST converter. These tools scan the Outlook data file and then move OST data to PST file efficiently without any data loss.

If you're looking for a free solution to convert EDB to PST format, you should try ExMerge.exe utility. It's a freeware utility provided by Microsoft that can help you extract email messages from EDB files and save them into PST files of Outlook client. The best part of ExMerge.exe utility is that it can support corrupt EDB files too. You must use ExMerge.exe utility before you can purchase any 3rd party paid software. I hope the shared information would be helpful here.

Thanks and best regards.

There are no free tool available for DBX to PST Conversion, but there is manual solution available for conversion but it takes a lot of time to complete the conversion process, it is not secure as there is always a high existence of data loss and also modifications. So I would like to suggest you some better option that is third Party solution.
According to me professional tool can give you in very short period of time converts all the DBX file data to PST format. SysInfo DBX to PST Converter extract each & every mailbox, Export easily & quickly without any loss of data.
Get more details search blog from Google.

Yes you can manually convert Lotus Note NSF Files in Outlook PST format after following some manual steps as explained by Anthony Barker. So must use manual technique first and if you want to see manual steps then go to Recovery and Management Blog

you guys suck

by john (guest), 18 Jun 2017 13:18


EDB to PST Converter repairs corrupt or damaged Exchange EDB files and restores the mailboxes into Outlook PST file. You can easily view Mailbox data from the PST files using MS Outlook application. It supports MS Exchange Server Recovery for 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 corrupt and unmounted database.

Recovers Calendar, Attachments, Drafts etc., from the damaged EDB files

EDB to PST Exchange server Recovery tool helps you to recover mails, images, attachments, drafts, calendar, journals, appointments, tasks, notes, etc. from the damaged EDB files. Its ease of use GUI will enables you to preview recovered mail items.

- Recover / Restore only required Mailboxes
- EdbMails capability of granular / brick-level mailbox EDB to PST conversion support, will help you to recovery any desired Mailboxes data.
- Automatic handling of PST file size limit
- If the Outlook PST file reaches size limit then, EDB to PST Converter will automatically split the PST file into multiple files based on the size limitation of the Outlook PST.
- Recover Deleted Mailboxes
- Edb to PST converter can easily recover mailboxes, which have been deleted knowingly or unknowingly.
- Recover and Save as EML, MSG format
- In addition to saving the recovered data as PST file, it also allows you to save the recovered data as MSG, EML formats.

Re: EDB to PST converter by EdbMailsEdbMails, 15 Jun 2017 06:54

Try "OST Extractor Pro" to recover, repair and convert OST file to PST file format.

Re: convert OST to PST file by kpaul4546kpaul4546, 15 Jun 2017 06:21

I would like to suggest you to use of third party Outlook PST Repair tool to instantly recover your all Outlook mailbox data items including emails, attachments, contacts, notes, journals and other items. This software is also works even with password-protected Outlook PST files. It saves the recovered items in the desired location in PST, EML or MSG file format. For more information, visit from:

Outlook PST Repair Software by dannybrowndannybrown, 15 Jun 2017 05:30

After searching for the solution to convert OST files to PST format, I found DataHelp OST to PST Wizard software which can easily convert Offline OST file to PST format. By using this software you can easily convert multiple OST files into PST format.

Re: convert OST to PST file by Venn-DarkVenn-Dark, 13 Jun 2017 12:03

hello again, i have found a solution to my problem above and just in case anybody else would like to know, the answer
is to use 'Faststone image Viewer' i can now drag my pics around and drop them into position and they will stay there
and i can view them in that order, (note- they will not be in that order viewing in windows explorer you but can re-name
them in that order in faststone and then they will).

there was a request somewhere else on here for the old method of moving pics by dragging and dropping them into
another folder, if a pic in that folder had the same name a pop up would appear but you could simply select the one
button that said 'move but keep both files', well that is no longer available in windows 10, now it takes 3 or 4 more
clicks to do the same job, very annoying if you work with a lot of pics like me, faststone solves that problem too.

please note that i am not advertising this product, there is no need because its absolutely free to use, i am just so
pleased to have found it, like qttabbar it makes life so much easier when working on the computer


by Jim (guest), 13 Jun 2017 05:35

Easiest way to convert EML file from a different mail clients like Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird to Outlook PST format by using manual methods. First open MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail then Export all mailbox data from EML file to new Outlook PST format. There is no need to use professional EML to PST Converter tool, if you are using manual methods.
If you have any confusion about manual method, read the blog from Google search.

Any DBX to PST Converter software easily converts Outlook Express email items such as: messages, contacts, calendars, appointments, etc. to an Outlook PST format. But if you're new user and have no idea how to export DBX saved data items to an Outlook PST format then must use manual technique before using any convert software. For using manual solution you can google Recovery and Management Blog.

Re: DBX to PST Converter by PhillcallsPhillcalls, 12 Jun 2017 04:21

I just installed QTTabBar on my notebook.
Although my System is Windows 10, at the top of the extra views I have the tool bar of Windows Explorer from Windows 7. How can I hide it?

And the folder tree is missing in the extra views although activated in Options > Extra Views > Display Folder band.
How can I change this?

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 10.0.15063
QTTabBar v1038

Thank you for help.


Congrats, I wonder what the problem was then. Maybe a Reg cleaner or CCleaner would have helped.

Just an fyi, I used Clover before QT came out and wasn't impressed. Tabs are about all it adds and crashed a lot for me. QT adds tons of functions, I wish
the Dev would come back, or someone pick the source up. Free Commander is another good one.

Good to see you got it going though.

Quick (and funny) update!

I just spent about 30 minutes researching other tab apps for File Explorer and finally decided on Clover. I downloaded it on my desktop system and saved it on the network so I could install it on my laptop. I powered on the laptop to install Clover, and lo and behold, QTTabBar was working! I changed nothing (that I know of) since trying this before, but all of a sudden it works. It's as if QTTabBar knew I was about to turn my back on it and go to Clover, so it started working! LOL

Well, rather than spend time trying to figure out why it works all of a sudden (after two days of restarting, logging off, installing, reinstalling, enabling IE add-ons and rebooting) I'm just going to enjoy using it on my new laptop.

Thanks again for the reply - I sure am glad it works now. I was looking forward to trying Clover, but glad to have the familiar present on my system, and happy to have the huge customization that QTTabBar offers.

Thanks for the response. I did reboot multiple times, and I also made sure that all the QT add-ons were enabled. None of that worked for me.

Although I'm running the latest Win 10 version on my other machines, where QTTabBar is working, I did not install it on those machines under the latest version of Windows 10. On my desktop, and work laptop I installed it months ago under an older version of Windows 10. I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with trying to install it after the latest Windows Creators Update. I'm not sure.

I may have to look for other products to try in order to get my explorer tabs working. :-(

but I DO see all the toolbar selections in the Options pull-down in the View menu. However, when I click the QTTabBar toolbar, nothing happens. I also tried the bottom version of that toolbar and nothing happens.

Make sure QT is enabled under Internet Explorer addons. You have to log off/back on, or reboot after installing also.
In Explorer Under the view»toolbars pull-down you need: QT Commandbar, QT Tabbar, and maybe Base Commandbar enabled.

I've had this happen to me once on Win 7, I just uninstalled QT, Reboot CPU, Reinstall QT, Reboot. All was fixed.

I haven't messed with Win 10 and QT yet, but if it's working on other machines, it should work with this one also.

You can try the most trustworthy application i.e. ZOOK OST to PST Converter which enables you to access OST data in Outlook without losing any data. It is the most secure method to extract entire Outlook data into PST format which can be easily accessed in Outlook without losing any data.

For More Info: - www[dot]zooksoftware[dot]com/ost-to-pst/

Re: convert OST to PST file by benstokesbenstokes, 09 Jun 2017 07:54

SharePoint Database Repair is the most intuitive and advanced recovery utility which astonishingly restores all the files and documents from SharePoint .bak files. When document libraries are difficult to access, data goes unusable because of hard drive failure or downtime error occurred on the server, this software is very beneficial for such circumstances. The entire process of recovery and repairing basically consists of two powerful modules of recovery – Live SQL and Raw File Recovery. Both of them are very powerful and work according to situations differently. Read full details at Files repair tool . com/ share point -database-repair

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