Installer won't run but shows error message.

Have you installed .Net framework?
QTTabBar requires 2.0 or later. Download and install this (www.microsoft.com) first.

Installation finished successfully. Then what do I do?

After relogon to Windows, open folder, then right click on the toolbar of explorer.
Check "QTTabBar" and "QT Standard buttons".

If you use Vista, press Alt key to show menu bar beforehand.

Toolbar menus are grayed out so I can't click them!

See "Internet Options" -> "Programs" -> "Manage Add-ons…"
and make sure that "QTTabBar" is enabled.

I can't see "QTTabBar" on toolbar menu.

Open "Internet Options" -> "Advanced" -> "Browsing" ->
check "Enable third-party browser extensions".


How can I uninstall QTTabBar?

Run installer (QTTabBar.exe) again, and check radio button "Uninstall".
Do not forget to disable "Desktop tool" in advance, or registry key will remain.

I uninstalled QTTabBar. But menu bar won't hide! ( Vista )

Did you try to uncheck "Folder Options" -> "Always show menu"?

There seems to be a bug on Vista explorer.
I got some reports that deleting a registry value solves this problem.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\ShellBrowser]

The value will be recreated.

( If you edit registry keys and values, please do it at your own risk. )