C# Scripting

QTTabBar C# scripting tool

- This tool is currently for test.
- .net framework 4.6 is required.
- Write and run script in C#.
- Can operate QTTabBar.
- Can work without QTTabBar installation. Probably.

- Run "ScriptWindow.exe". To uninstall, delete it.
- "QTTabBarLib.Scripting" object is set to global scope object. So you can write and run like "Alert( ActiveWindow.Text );"
- Of course you can use any "class" of C#.
- "return" returns value to console.
- Console.WriteLine methods are available.
- Beware of infinite loop because currently this does not support aborting. Just close window.
- Already declaired "using" with System, System.Collections.Generic, System.Diagnostics, System.Drawing, System.Runtime.InteropServices, System.IO, System.Linq, System.Reflection, System.Text, System.Text.RegularExpressions, System.Runtime.InteropServices, System.Threading, System.Threading.Tasks, System.Threading.Tasks.Schedulers, System.Windows.Forms.