Old Change Log

Version 1.2.3 β5 (2009-1-15)

    an error occurs when Desktop tool menu closes.

Version 1.2.3 β4 (RC2) (2009-1-15)

    another wrong structre packing that may cause crash by keyboard operation in 64bitOS.

Version 1.2.3 β3 (RC1) (2009-1-13)

    * file hash algorithms :  SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
    * option not to show file informations in image preview.
    * option to save "recent files". 
    * option to add "recent files" menu to desktop tool menu.
    * new plugin option UI ...  (w
    * update of QTPluginLib.dll (
        Interfaces and methods added.
            IBarMultipleCustomItems, IEncodingDetector
            New plugins that use these new interfaces work with QTTabBar1.2.3β3-.
        Localization policy changed: Plugins should have language resources in themselves.
            LocalizedStringProvider, PluginAttribute class constructors.
    * New plugins
        Plugins larger than do not work with earlier QTTabBar than 1.2.3β3.
        SelectionTools, Spacer

    errors that occurs when closing explorer window.
    wrong structre packings. ( might have affected 64bit OSs )
    COM thread problem.

Version 1.2.3 β2 (2008-12-12)


    * change in image cache behaviour is undone.
    * minor update of QTPluginLib.dll (
        add a command to set search box texts.
        add a command to reorder tabs.
        There is no need to do something for old plugins.
    * trying to add more support for RightToLeft environments, groping about.
    * Added supports keyboard shortcuts in subfolder menu to Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete.
        added keys are: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, Delete, Shift+Delete,
        and user-assigned shortcut key to copy file name/path.

        If some files are in clipboard, an arrow indicate insertion point when Up/Down key pressed.
        Ctrl+V pastes files into selected folder if directory is selected in the menu, or
         into the folder that menu itself represents if an arrow is visible.

    fixed bugs in Option window.
    fixed another D&D problem ( d&d from menu could not go out of Explorer window ).
    might fix bugs that might have occured in 64bit OS...
    rearranged modifier key effects of ENTER key / double-clicking / middle-clicking
        Ctrl    new window
        Shift    new active/inactive tab
        Ctrl+Shift+Alt    expand all subfolders (<32)
performance improvements

Version 1.2.3β1 (2008-11-24)

supports for Envrionment Variables in application launcher ( path & working folder )
button to send a list of key shortcuts to Clipboard ( Option window )
option to stop sounds
resizable search box
fixed: D&D onto executable files in menu
fixed: menu tooltip location when mouse cursor is near the screen edges
test: image thumbnail cache behavior.
    - clear thumbnail cache and GC.Collect() by "Clear cache" menu item.
    - when to clear...?
performance improvements

Version (2008-2-23)

    error occurs by adding new group in option window
tried to fix the problem that shows "QTTabBar failed to open" message

Version 1.2.2 (2008-2-4)

    Tab switcher window ( Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab )
    Option to enable/disable wheel click on Folder Tree to open new tab (XP)
    2 menus added to DesktopTool context menu, 
            menu by one click/enable application shortcut keys on desktop
    Tab text shadow
    Drive letter on tab icon
    Option to draw toolbar background image stretched on each band
    Menu to merge other windows ( in a process )
    Update checker
    Now ButtonBar has system look
    Now explorer won't lock plugin files

    Right-Drag&Drop did not work in tab or subfoldertip
    Search bar of explorer disappears by tab changing (XP)
    Subdirtip excludes hidden folders
    Subdirtip menu cancels right-drag&drop menus

Version 1.2.1 (2008-1-8)

    Installer now creates Native Images that improve start speed.
        if you're not Administrator of your machine, 
        run Install_NativeImages.bat as administrator. (optional)
    A slight improvement of SubDirTip speed
    PluginSDK update (1.2)
        new interfaces that can customize search-box behaviour. (IFilter, IFilterCore)

    Right click did not work when tab subfoldertip is disabled.
    Bold or long title of tab clipped.
    Wheel-clicking on shortcut files did not work.
    Tab duplicated when restoring tabs.
    Adjustment of Tab click timeout.
    Tab parent folder tip won't appear if the folder is empty.
    Supports drag&drop drives to tab bar.

    ( menu prefix (&) was not properly processed.
    ( d&d problem
    ( On Vista, Explorer falls into infinite loop showing dialogs,
              by shell search in locked tab.

Version 1.2 (2007-12-25)

    Tab close button.
    Support Drag&Drop to Subfolder tip menu.
        drag files on folder and wait for a second, menu pops up
    Subfolder tip for tab ( click tab folder icon ).
        sub menu pops up by left click
        upper level menu by right click
        if enabled D&D to tab, drag on tab and wait a second then sub/upper menu show up.
    Extended Thumbnail tip.
        supports movie files
        extensions selectable
        text font option
    Supports shortcut keys for user assigned applications.
    Tab wheel-click actions.
    Supports shell tooltips for menu and tab (details with shiftkey down).
    Tab ordering <- tab contextmenu
    Modeless option dialog.
    Exporting settings as a registry file.
    Cursor loop in folder view by cursor keys.
    'Send to tasktray on window minimized' option.
    Network timeout.
    Supports scrolling menu by mouse wheel.
    On Folder Tree, open a new tab by clicking with shift key down / middle clicking. (XP)
    Tab text alignment option. ( left/center )
    Menu rendering option. ( Default / Vista style / Xp style )

    Subdir tip right click menu problem ( mouse pointer busy on Vista )
    Support UAC (Vista)
    Pressing Enter key on contextmenu on menus executes original item
    Launcher menu arguments does not work after reordering
    Drag & drop: fail to create shortcuts
    Drag & drop: stability
    Seach box: font and size
    Seach box: filter synchronization problem
    Quality of toolbar background stretching image
    Search pane hides (XP)
    Window capturing behavior

    and too many bugs to remember...

Version (2007-9-18)

+Option to change selection of file name text by pressing F2 while renaming files
+Test of saving folder settings on every navigation
+Test of option: Toolbar background image ( only for VisualStyled environments ) 

:"Close right" does not work on the leftmost tab
:Crash when invalid path characters are contained in Application launcher paths
:Wheel clicking on link file to folder does not work
:Search words are lost by going back/forward to search folder
:drawing problem of no full-row-selection on Vista
:drawing problem of tab subtexts

Version 1.1 ( 2007-9-5 )

+Supports Plugins
+Supports language file
+Option to send window to task tray
+Option to specify Preview tip max size
+now Toolbar background color is available on XP
+merged Shortcut key editor
+added user skins
+installer update

Plugin pack

-folder memo, view mode button are now provided as plugin
-purged Password, Screen shot

*fixed: memory usage and some leaks
*fixed some bugs