Change Log

Version 1043 (2020-12-20)

(Changes in 1043)

- Navigation pane (folder tree) available in extra folder views.
- Built-in folder analyzer tool and file attribute editor.

(Fixed in 1043)

- Many bugs.

-On the next major update, we have scheduled to change the framework requirement to version 4.8 or later.
-Fix installer msi file. (2020/12/26)

Version 1042 (2020-9-6)

(Changes in 1042)

- File/Folder history with time stamp.
- Drop helper window is removed.

(Fixed in 1042)

- Font error message is displayed.
- Crashes in Windows 7 by using unsupported API.
- Tool applications were rolled back to older versions unexpectedly.
- Tab visual collapses in flipped mode

Version 1041 (2020-8-9)

(Fixed in 1041)

- More supports for Explorer night mode (Windows10).
- More supports for high-DPI environments
- Toolbar icons updated
- many bugs
- Now packaged in a MSI stand-alone installer.

Version 1040 (2019-3-24)

(Fixed in 1040)

- Supports Explorer dark mode (Windows10).
- some bugs

Version 1039 (2018-10-14)

(Fixed in 1039)

- Errors on Windows 10 October 2018 Update and Insider Preview versions.
- Supports Explorer dark mode (Windows10).

We got struck by lightnings this summer and disk crashed on dev PC.
Fortunately main source codes were rescued, though installer codes and other tools have been lost.
This is a difference update to be applied to QTTabBar version 1038.

Version 1038 (2015-12-8)

(Fixed in 1038)

- Error of Option window when Visual Style is disabled on Windows7.

Version 1037 (2015-12-7)

(Fixed in 1037)

- "Delete" button of "FileTools plugin pack" won't work. The plug-in is also updated, "Undo" button has stopped working.
- QTPluginLib.dll is updated to

Version 1036 (2015-12-3)

(New and Fixed)

- Improved support for Per-monitor DPI of Windows8.1 and 10.
- Added new commands: GetSystemDPi, GetWindowDpi, GetDpiFromPoint. New property of Window object: Window.Dpi.
- Update "Window Manager" plug-in to support Per-monitor DPI environments. Go Plug-ins
- Option to do File Search by filter box of Extra views.
- Tune of timing that triggers the event "Window is opened"
- Scripting commands after "Cut" now work with focused view.
- option to enable hardware rendering of H.264 videos on sub monitors. Default value is 'On'. Formerly 'Off' and no option.
- Corrected hiding other application windows by mouse move on folder view.
- Corrected return values of commands - ScrollView, GetColumnWidth.
- Invoking undefined commands now causes no error.

Version 1035 (2015-11-10)


- Desktop tool crashes.
- Toolbar names are garbled in Japanese environments.

Version 1034 (2015-11-9)

(Changed and Fixed)

- Supports virtual desktop of Windows10. An option is added that allows to choose how to capture when folder window is in other desktop.
- An option to enable / disable blue focus rectangle in Compatible View.
- Dynamic custom color of Compatible View.
- Fixed the issue of background color of focused item on Desktop.
- Fixed a bug: new group can overwrite with a name that is different only in letter case.
- Added a tool named "ExplorerSafeMode.exe", which opens a new folder window without QTTabBar and other toolbars.
- Built using Visual Studio 2015 on Windows10.
- Advance notice: Update of requirements is scheduled, because support of Microsoft for .NET Framework 4.0 will end on January 12, 2016.

Version 1033 (2015-10-28)


- Size of Extra view is not saved in some languages.
- Condition "Location" of Custom color is ignored and colors are applied to desktop.
- Icon picker dialog fails to get an icon from ".ico" files!
- Preview for ".ico" files - the largest icon in the file.

Version 1032 (2015-10-26)

I made a mistake and released 1030 as 1031.

Version 1031 (2015-10-25)


- Explorer process crashes when opening "Network" folder. This occurs when Compatible view is enabled and view is "Details".

Version 1030 (2015-10-24)


- Improvement in look and feel of Compatible view - "focus rectangle" is almost removed.
- Incremental search on subfolder menu.
- Incremental search on desktop while Desktop Tool is enabled.
- "Plus" button in tabbar to invoke commands.
- Now Preview delay cab be 0.
- Modern icon picker dialog.
- File renamer supports labeled groups.
- Detects installed compressed folder extensions.
- Supports MouseGestureL on AutoHotKey. (Restrictions are below)
- New commands: GetIconSize, SetIconSize, GetCommandName, GetVersion, GetPluginLibVersion, GetColumnWidth, SetColumnWidth, ClearPreviewCache, ScrollView.


- Code paths that ignore Network timeout value.
- File renamer does not replace substitutions ($).
- Now update checker is displayed only when a new version is found.
- Compatible views with grouping sometimes stop responding by holding cursor keys pressed.
- Explorer that is opened with "/root" switch displays multiple error dialogs.
- Cursor loops won't work in RTL.
- Tab key is not passed to Input Method while renaming file in Compatible view.

- A plug-in event "ActiveViewChanged" passes wrong View value.
- Language file editor: template file has not been updated in recent versions.
- Language file / skin downloaders have a problem in sorting items in some languages.
- Width of vertical Command bar is not saved.
- IBarCustomButton plug-in buttons disappear after they are edited.
- Maximums of recent tab and recent file are not imported from xml file.
- Textboxes in Option Window won't accept pasting texts.
- Position of scroll button of tabbar in RTL.
- Static plug-ins cannot have option.
- and more.

Restrictions with MouseGestureL

- Moving mouse cursor over non-Compatible view consumes CPU time when MouseGestureL options "Show Gesture Trail" and "Draw Trail into Overwrapped Window" are both enabled.
- MouseGestureL with administrator privilege will not work together with QTTabBar.

Version 1029 (2015-8-25)


- Now captures windows that are opened by Start menu and jumplist of Windows 10.

Looking for a better way to capture Win+E in Windows 10.

- Reformed Extended renaming feature.

Supports renaming multiple files and folders using a list of new names.

- Now Application Launcher button accepts drops to register files.
- New keywords in Command Button – %tab% and %tabpath% that are substituted by Tab object and path string of tab when used in Tab events.
- Keywords that represent selections such as %f% are now substituted by selection paths in the view owned by the tab, when used in Tab events.
- New option 'Blend with custom color" in Selected column bg color of Compatible View.
- Added a few Scripting commands – EnsureItemVisible, RenameMultiple, SetExtraViewSize.


- Option "No capture from Desktop" is ignored.
- Extra View size is not restored after a maximized window is closed.
- Folder window flickers on opening, especially when Extra Views are enabled.
- Option window can freeze when menu style has changed.
- Continuous renaming files by Tab and Shift + Tab key is now available in Compatible View too.
- Desktop Tool menu pops up at wrong position in Right-to-Left environments.
- Desktop Tool fails to initialize when the computer is under a heavy load situation such as cold start.
- Desktop Tool menu is turned off after menu titles are rearranged.
- Command MoveTabToView does not work.

Version 1028 (2015-8-11)


- Enhanced incremental search in view.

You can select files by typing some characters of middle of file names.
IFilter plug-in can be used in incremental search in view.
It might be useful if an IFilter plugin is installed that translates alphabetical inputs into Chinese/Japanese/Korean regular expressions.

- Windows 10 style menu


- Original right-button drag-and-drop menu is now abandoned.
- Nothing happens when files are dropped onto executables in Command Bar.
- Fails to open a folder in Quick access of Windows10 when its name contains a comma.
- Menu renderer problems in RTL and High-DPI environments.
- Now uses CurrentUICulture (UI Language) instead of CurrentCulture (Region) to detect RTL environment.
- Window flickers on opening.
- Drop helper won't work when target is a link.

Version 1027 (2015-8-4)


- Extra Views follow window resize. Options -> Extra View
- Tabs in Extra Views now can be placed above the view.
- A option to fix position of Tab Bar (top) at the left of Default View.
- Tab Bar (top) is now aligned in the bottom when other toolbars exist in the row.
- Tabs and toolbars accept right drag & drop and show menu.
- Tab switcher window works in the Extra Views.
- Commands interpret double-quoted and space-separated string as multiple file paths. This means that keywords such as %f% can be used by commands such as NewTab that take files and folders as arguments.
- New option of File Commands to wait until script process terminates.
- New Scripting Commands: OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, FolderBrowserDialog.
- Arguments of DeleteFile command has changed. Old style is still supported.
- Correct explanations of Tab background and text rendering modes in the option window.
- Options -> Appearance -> Tab -> Tab icon offsets.
- (Experimental) Option to copy files and folders without changing their time stamps (Date created). Options -> Misc -> Shell

(Fixed in 1027)

- Mouse wheels and keyboard shortcuts are eaten by Control Panel window when displayed in Extra Views.
- Windows are captured even if configured not to do so.
- IFilter, IFilterCore, and IEncodingDetector plugins are unloaded after options are saved.
- Toolbar background image was drawn for invisible toolbars when "Stretch on each band".
- Toolbar positions are sometimes cleared depending on the order of activation of toolbars.
- Script files that are executed on the Command Bar takes longer time than suspected because of a bug of a new feature introduced in 1026 (SetReturn)
- Uninstaller forgets to delete a registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Folder\shell\QTTabBar.openInView
- In Windows8 and 10, view borders caused rendering garbages when scrolled.

Version 1026 (2015-7-19)


- View border color option for Windows 8.x/10. (Options->Folder View)
- High-DPI supports - breadcrumb bar of Extra Views and other buttons.
- SetReturn method is added to Scripting object. Now script file can return a value that can be used in Command Bar Buttons.
- Command Bars ask if it's OK when multiple files and folders are dropped.
- File Command Button now can be dropped to folder or application file buttons.
- Preview - command to play next / previous track now loops in items in the folder view.
- Choose-tab dialog includes tabs in Extra Views. Now it also allows to add target folders.
- Built-in keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + 1,2,…,0 which activate 1st-10th tab) are now removed.
- "Open in other view" command in context menu of folders on desktop.
- "Help" connects to the web document, which is still under construction though.

(Fixed in 1026)

- Preview window steals key inputs.
- Fullscreen Preview window passes through keys such as DEL key and arrow keys to folder view.
- Preview thread freezes.
- Text label position of Command Bar 1 reverts to "Icon before label" after explorer restarts.
- Error message is displayed when starting games in Game Explorer.
- Error message is displayed when icon size of Command Bar changed in High-DPI environments.
- RTL supports - now Extra Views work some better in Right-to-Left environments.
- RTL supports - menus, command bars, drop helper windows, etc.
- Group colors are not included in setting export.
- Group colors are now drawn much better.
- Tab group colors are not drawn in "classic" mode.
- Tooltips flicker due to mouse cursor especially around the edges of monitors.
- EmptyRecycleBin command does not work.
- System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown probably due to thread contentions.
- Tabs in Extra Views ignore lock.
- "Do not show me this dialog" checkbox in confirmation dialogs sometimes do not work.
- After a folder created by Ctrl + Shift + N, the file list scrolls and the new item might go out of view in Compatible mode.
- Desktop tool displays menu in wrong position in High-DPI environments because QTPopup.exe used auto-scaled coordinate space.
- Scripting features won't work at all in some environments. This is because it tried to obtain list of named pipes in the wrong way.

Version 1025 (2015-6-8)


- Change: Basic-command menus in Command Bar (Group, Application Launcher, and Recent Tabs) now target the focused view when its "Associated view" option is set to "Not specified".

This affects which view tabs are opened in, and arguments / working directories of launched applications.
If you like old behavior, set the "Associated view" to "Default".

- You can add an application to Application Launcher Menu by dropping onto it. The menu will appear by hovering over the Application Launcher button in the Command Bar.

In addition, now you can launch an application by dropping files on the menu item.

- An option to change active tab by mouse wheel with mouse Right button pressed.
- An option not to capture from desktop.
- Now Extra Views are automatically set visible when tabs are opening in it.
- An option to hide Extra View when all the tabs in the view are closed.
- Extra View default location.
- Warning when trying to uninstall using older QTTabBar.exe than installed.
- New commands:

"MoveTabToView" to move a tab between views.
"CopyFile", "MoveFile", and "DeleteFile" to manipulate files specified by path.
"PasteToFolder" pastes files in the Clipboard to specified folder.
"OrderTab" to sort tabs.

(Fixed in 1025)

- In Compatible view, after user deletes some files by pressing DEL key, Explorer might delete next file or folder by another DEL key even though it looks like that no items are selected.
- In Compatible view with base text color, custom colors are not correctly applied to texts in the selected column of the Details view.
- In Compatible view, base text colors are not correctly applied without base background color, when getting / losing focus.
- Double click and middle click do not work on the Control panels.
- Keyboard shortcuts do not work which manipulate Preview window.
- Preview window steals keys while renaming files.
- Size of movie Preview window is not persistent.
- Options of Navigation Pane (click event, colors) stop working after the tree window is recreated, for instance, by accessing Control Panels.
- Toolbar background image is not drawn appropriately, especially when the image file is containing transparent part.
- "Compute hash of selected files" function overwrites Keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + N" by default.

Now Ctrl + Shift + N can create a new folder in Extra views.

- Plug-in "Create new text file" in "CreateNewItemButtons.dll" does not work at all.
- Plug-in buttons fails to draw icons after moved between Command Bars by drag & drop until window is reopened.
- Exception can be thrown because of plug-ins when folder window is about to close.
- Extra Views fail to open tabs when "New tab location" is set to "Right".
- Tabs are opened (typically as a group) in reverse order when "New tab location" is set to "Right" or "Most left".
- Middle click on Command Buttons can be triggered accidentally.
- Command Buttons that represent disconnected network folder cannot be moved by drag & drop.
- Command Buttons that represent disconnected network folder lose their icons.
- Command Buttons that represent disconnected network folder affect performance badly.
- The auto-play handler to open folder window stops working after the option "Add command such as 'Open in new tab' to folder context menu" is disabled in Option -> Folder View -> Shell context menu.
- Capturing some kind of special folder can throw exception (E_NOINTERFACE).
- Added codes to try to fix the issue - Explorer crashes with an entry about "WindowSubclass" in Windows Event Log.

Reported but currently not reproduced / need of further investigation

- Crash by right-click on dead-link files.
- Folder verbs remain undeleted after QTTabBar is uninstalled.
- Access violation when reading registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Version 1024 rev1 (2014-12-24)

fixed a typo.

Version 1024 (2014-12-24)


- Extra views

Additional 2 folder views in an Explorer window.
Tabbed and full-featured.

- Event options

Now commands can be assigned to Explorer events.

- New Tab text rendering mode : GDI - rendered by GDI.
- Tab supports font styles - italic, underlined, etc.
- View background and text colors while views have focus. (only in Compatible view mode on Windows8.x and later)
- Now you can set your favorite view watermark image files. (Compatible view)
- Scripting enhancements.

Supports extra views.
"Arguments" property and other new methods.
10 more new ScriptingCommands.

- Keyboard shortcuts "Copy path" and "Copy name" work while the folder tree has focus.
- Command button enhancements.

Supports extra views. Command buttons can be associated to a specifc view.
Drag & drop supports.
Window size of applications launched by File Command.

- An option to play sounds in system audio sesion - using System sound volume.
- Incremental search in Option window.
- Plugins - Extra view support.
- Language file editor: New translation support for Malay, Maltese and Klingon.


- 'QTTabBar command' item duplication in 'File' menu in menu bar.
- Scripts fail to SetData / GetData QCollection objects.
- Scripting processes may receive entangled results.
- Scripting.Tab.SelectedItems returns wrong path for inactive tabs.
- Libary Folders in FolderTree are now navigatable without expanded under Computer.
- ** as a known issue, going up brings you to a weird folder…
- Drag & drop won't start from Navigation pane.
- Keyboard shortcuts won't work in Control Panels.
- Single-row mode TabBar might fall into an infinite loop and freeze when a tab is larger than the bar.
- View and folder tree might scroll in reverse direction by Options -> Folder view -> "Scroll *** without focusing"
- View forgets its selection-marked item - an item that selection started - after active tab changed.
- Imported commands are incorreclty rebuilt: "Working directory" is mistaken as "Arguments" when Arguments is empty.
- Additional keyshortcuts to move cursor on the view won't work.
- Menu max character is not saved.
- etc.

Version 514 (2014-06-16)

(Fixed in 514)

Installer stops with error dialog in some environments.
Typo in ScriptingSystemSound enumeration (ScriptingSystemSound.Asterinsk -> Asterisk) Both can be used.

Version 513 (2014-06-05)

(Fixed in 513)

Fails to restore old Vertical Versatile Bar buttons from xml file.
Preview window now displays detailed error message.

Version 512 (2014-05-31)

(New in 512)
- Command Bar - old Button Bar and Versatile Bars are now integrated.

Horizontal bar x2, Vertical bar x1.
All buttons are now editable.
Flexible button size: 16, 24, 32, 48 - 256px.
Button size can change by Ctrl + mouse wheel over Command Bars.
Supports single size skin image-strips for old Button Bar buttons.
Plug-in buttons support skin images.

- Supports tab close / lock icon skin.

As to close button, specify an image file of which the number of vertical pixels is multiple of 4. It must contain, from top to bottom, normal, hot, pressed, alt-key pressed images.

- New option to change background and text colors of Navigation window (folder tree).
- Now 'Capturing exclusion list' available. (Options -> Window)
- Context menu extensions. 'QTTabBar commands' can be added to shell context menu of files and folders. (Options -> Folder View - Shell context menu)
- Performance improvement.
- Buttons and commands to remove Shell MRUs. (Options -> Miscs -> Shell)
- Buttons and commands to rebuild shell icon cache and refresh folder window settings. (Options -> Miscs -> Shell)
- "Save / load desktop icon locations" commands and buttons. ( Options -> Miscs -> Shell )
- Several new keyboard shortcuts, scripting methods and commands.
- "Restore tabs" command now restores multiple tabs if they are closed by a single action.
- Some default values of settings.
(Fixed in 512)

Shift key is released even if pressed on every navigation.
Restoration of tabs failed to set active tab when more than 10 tabs.
Preview window is displayed at wrong position when the folder view is in "Content" view.
In single-click mode, double-click on folder background won't work.
Desktop Tool fails its initialization on Windows8.1.
Errors & crashes caused by old subclassing manner.
Error after navigation to some folders created by Shell extensions.
Keyboard shortcuts can prevent inputs to edit controls.
Problem with language files which contain more fields than expected.
Extended Renaming Dialog misses key strokes.

(Trivial changes)

Focus in compatible view - now next item gets focused after files are deleted.
Folder verbs such as 'Open in tab' now can be removed. (Options -> Folder View -> Shell context menu)
Copy-To-Tab Dialog default view is set to small icon.
Extended Renaming Dialog supports wildcards.
"Paste into" command and keyboard shortcut to copy or move files in the clipboard into selected folders.
"Sort" commands and keyboard shortcuts to sort the folder view.
Command to show or hide hidden / super hidden files in the view.
An option to choose whether view custom colors track file renaming if they are specified by full paths.
Language File Editor displays remarks for several fields.
Image Uploading Tool now supports new formats introduced in 512.

(Known issues)

Drag & dropping items in "Favorites" of the navigation window (folder tree) cannot change their positions but copies items.

Version 262 (2013-12-6)

Fixed bugs

Fails to enable ShellExecuteHooks in some environments including Windows8.1.

Version 261 (2013-12-3)


Now scripts can access the desktop items using 'Desktop' object (Desktop tool is required).
Added a few alias methods and properties to QCollection Object in scripting.

Fixed bugs

Potential crash when using compatible list view and colorings.
Drop helper window prevents Sub Folder Menu from popping up.
Scripts stop irregularly, saying 'IPC server not found'.
Scripts won't work until a folder window is opened.
Scripts can't access other explore.exe processes than Shell.
— Now ScriptingObject.Windows property enumerates all the folder windows irrespective of process.
Fails to get icons of junctions in sub folder menu.
Option window is too big and can't be resized.
Filtering gets slightly faster. ( except 'List' style of compatible view. )
QTTabBar prevents Pinned Site Shortcut files (.website) opening by double click.

Version 260 (2013-11-17)


Drop helper window size follows localize resource string.

Fixed bugs

Explorer crashes when using 'Fast User Switching', user logs on to the Windows without logging another user off.

Version 259 (2013-11-12)


Image preview uses EXIF orientation tag embedded in image file.
Base background color and selected column background color are available in compatible view.
Now the custom color settings can be applied to subfolder menu items.
UI improvements of View Custom Color page of the Option window.
An option to set keyboard focus to the specified part of the window when it is opening.
Now Explorer windows can be captured when opened by the removable drive auto-play-handler.
Improves subfolder menu speed by creating caches of removable media / drives status.
Now 'Up button' of Windows 8/8.1 opens new window with Ctrl key.
New command 'Open and close other tab' in the Group item menu contextmenu.
New commands in the contextmenu of tab origined from a group, such as 'Close this group'

Fixed bugs

Contextmenus disappear when mouse cursor is on the "Folder Band" of Windows 7.
Group sub items in the Versatile bar contextmenu make no response.
Items in the Versatile bar can't be rearranged when 'Allow to drop to sibling items' is off.
Explorer window won't open when a modal dialog is displayed.
Explorer crashes by mouse wheels with Shift key down sometimes.
Drop helper windows don't come up if sub folder menu is off in the default view style.
Drop helper windows won't disappear after drop in some cases.
Option window collapses in high-DPI environments.
Restore.exe fails on its first execution of the session if without Desktop tool.
Video preview ignores the option 'Display file info…'.
Full-screen image preview ignores the option 'Info text label'
Preview windows flash and disappear in full-row-select mode of the compatible view style.
Preview still locks files in slow devices such as USB drive.
Preview stops responding after it fails to render some kinds of media files.
Text preview takes very long time to load text files which have long lines.
Potential bug of changing menu renderer.


* Group Color (Options -> Groups -> Color for selected group)
Tabs and Group menu items are painted in specified color.
(Options -> Group options -> How to indicate group color)
Commands are added to tab contextmenu which closes all tabs of the same group, etc..

* Drop helper (Options -> Folder View -> Drop Helper)
2 small windows (Copy and Move) are displayed while dragging file over folder.
Copy or Move operation is executed by dropping onto these windows.

* File rename tool
From keyboard shortcut, or context menu of active tab -> actions to current view -> "Rename items…"
Refined in 259.
A toolbar button will be available in next version…

Version 258 (2013-10-8)

Fixed bugs
    Media Preview sometimes locks files.
    Search box looses keyboard focus after a key stroke in Control Panel, etc..
    Right Shift key remains pressed when navigation occurs with right shift key down.
    Restoring tabs ignores window position settings.
    Recurrence: in single click mode, tabs are opened by a click on non-compatible view.

    Now user can specify network time-out period and retries. (Options -> General)
    An option to hide Tab Bar if it has only one tab. (Options -> Toolbar)
    An option to sort tab/file histories by name. (Options -> History)
    An option to disable to drop a versatile bar item to another item in the same bar. ( Versatile bar context menu)
    Updater dialog shows release notes when a new version is found. 
    A button to delete autocomplete history of filter box etc. (Options -> Miscs.)

    *Drop helper tips    (Options -> Folder View -> Drop Helper)
    2 small windows (Copy and Move) are displayed while dragging file over folder.
    Copy or Move operation is executed by dropping onto these windows.

    *File rename tool is added.
        From keyboard shortcut, or context menu of active tab -> actions to current view -> "Rename items..."

Version 257 (2013-8-6)

    Fails to apply .ico file to Versatile Bar items.

Version 256 (2013-8-1)

    Multi monitor support.
        An option to open window in the screen where the mouse cursor is located. (Options->Window, Desktop Tool)
        An option to move the captor window to the screen where the mouse cursor is located. 

    Text / background custom colors of the Compatible Folder View,
        Now you can set item colors specifying path/name/extension, etc.. 
        shell context menu (optional) to change colors
        (limitation) only back colors are applied on the desktop, when drop shadow of icon label is enabled.

        Now you can create a new window by dropping a tab to anywhere. (Options-> Tab3)
        Left and right padding of tab. (Options -> Appearance)
        Now tab font styles can be set.
        An option to allow tab history duplication.
            An option not to close a tab on navigation failure.

        An option to choose which monitor is used for fullscreen preview.
        Now fullscreen Preview window can be locked. Press an assigned keyboard shortcut or click the lock button on the screen.
            Preview tip can be displayed in other monitor while the fullscreen is locked.
        Now image files are fullscreened.        
        Keyboard shortcuts to play next/previous media file in the folder while fullscreen.
        Fullscreen slideshow.
        Scrollable text preview, to the limit of 16KiB. Press num pad 4 and 6.
        Now you can set text and background color, and font styles of text preview.
        An option to try to display in specified max size.
        New preview stop button. (Button Bar)
        Playlist file support. - .pls, .m3u, .m3u8, .wpl. 
        Now Music preview uses folder.jpg in the same folder when no album art is embedded in the file.
        An option to disable hardware acceleration.
        (limitation) Software rendering is used for movies encoded by H.264 in the secondary monitors.

    Exporting and importing settings.
        Now uses XML file.         
        Now importing takes effects instantly.

    Now ShellExecuteHooks can be enabled from UI, to capture windows. (Options->Window)
            option to capture Win + E key. 

    Desktop Tool
        An option to suppress Desktop Tool Menu by double click. (Desktop Tool toolbar -> context menu)        
        An option not to capture a window which is opened by Desktop Tool. (Options -> Desktop Tool)

    Versatile Bar
        An option not to start drag & drop versatile bar items. (Versatile Bar background context menu)

    'Pass-through' option of Ctrl+F (Focus to the search box) and Ctrl+W (Close the window). 
        By setting to 'pass-through', those key strokes reach to the system and other applications.
        (If not, QTTabBar eats these keys even when other keys are assigned to those functions or the functions aren't enabled.)
        Press Shift+Esc in the keyboard shortcut page of Option dialog.
    Now you can set icons - Group, Application Launcher item, Versatile Bar item from context menu.
    Sorting options of subfolder menu items.
    Column width in 'List' view style of Compatible view.
    Now you can choose how many items are displayed in the Tab Switcher window.
    Automatic Updates.

    A focused but not selected item is executed by pressing Enter key in the folder view.    
    Options window
        Option window freezes for several seconds on opening because of accessing to the network folders.
        Text box of 'Open specified folder when the last tab closed' does not save entered path text.
        'Restore defaults of this page' button fails to restore defaults in some pages.
        Checked state of 'Clear the recent files history on log-off' check box is not saved.
        Navigation sound is not played no matter which option is selected.
        Layout collapses in high-DPI environments.
    Shortcut file icons in menus lack overlay icons.
    Esc key closes not only preview window but its parent menu.
    By opening a link file, a dialog says 'QTTabBar failed to navigate to...'
    Fails to load plugins with Static attribute.
    Group menu won't disappear after items are removed.
    Locked tab settings are ignored when:
        alt + Up key is pressed.
        navigated by the AddressBar.
        'open' is executed in the folder context menu.
        (limitation) The above 2 issues still ignore 'Prevents other tab from selected' option. This behavior is confirmed.
    Folder and drive items in Application Launcher menu don't use its icon but default folder icon.    
    Window freezes for several seconds by touching tabs which point to network folder, showing tooltip, contextmenu, subfolder menu.
        Now they use short time-out.
    Maximized window size changes unexpectedly when 'Resize window when tab row count changed' is enabled.
    Now 'No full-row-select' is applied instantly after view mode changed.
    Preview window which is triggered by keys disappears if mouse cursor is above another media file.
    Sends wrong data to the Clipboard in the 'DROP FILE LIST' format. It lacks 1 byte zero termination and can be a potential cause of crash.
    Windows are scattered sometimes by opening a group especially right after logging in.    
    Group menu forgets to save separators.
    A new tab might opensby rapid operation.
    Uninstallation fails to clean up all the registry entries.
    Ignores file associations and opens as a tab when other apps try to open a zip file, when ShellExecuteHooks is enabled.

Version 130 (2013-4-10)

    Bug: Search text is not cleared after tab changing, and file search begins in new active tab.

Version 129 (2013-4-7)

    A critical bug : Keyboard shortcuts of plug-ins involved might be fired accidentally when a key shortcut of any plug-in is pressed.
        'Edit attributes', 'Create Sequentially Named' are involved. The former might edit attributes of selected files silently.
    Special folder tabs (My document, My Computer, etc.) cannot be reordered.
    Fails to execute Internet Shortcut file (.url ).
    Items in Navigation pane cannot be drag & dropped.
    Items in Navigation pane fails to get focus.
    Bugs when 'Close all tabs when group opened' and tabs are locked.
    Menu texts of Versatile bar are wrongly applied. 
    Tabs are opened by click on folder icons if single click mode in the Folder Options.
    Preview won't be displayed when tooltip is disabled in Folder Options.

    New options of behaviors when click on Navigation pane, Address Bar, Versatile Bar. (Options -> Tab & Window)
    'Contact' field is added to Language File.
    Test of scripting. See and try to run sample.js.

    Language File Editor is also updated.

Version 128 (2013-3-10)

    Now users can download/upload skin images and language files from/to cloud storage. ( Options -> General, Appearance, Desktop Tool, and Button Bar Option )
    Language File Editor that supports translation.
        Old language files need to be converted with Language File Editor. ( Load from file.)
    Delay times before Previews is displayed, on folderview and subfoldermenu.  (    Options -> Preview, Subfolder menu )
    Group items can be locked at opening. ( Options -> Group )
    A new category - 'files on the desktop' is added to Desktop Tool Menu.
    A option to show Desktop Tool Menu by single left click and middle click on the desktop.
    Now Desktop Tool Menu is available even if desktop icons are hidden.
    'Restore defaults of this page' button on Option window.
    A keyboard shortcut to show history menu of active tab.
    Cursor loop works on compatible list view.
    Tab Bar can be toggled between RTL and LTR.     

    Navigation occurs by executing a link to folder even if active tab is locked and in-place navigation is forbidden.
    Fails to open volume mount points and junctions on network in tab.
    Fails to open a shortcut file to Library Items in tab.
    Keyboard shortcuts without modifier keys do not work on Control Panels.
    Exception dialog when right clicked on group management menus.
    Desktop Tool menus go behind the taskbar if  'Auto-hide taskbar' is on.
    explorer.exe crashes occasionally when a drive is unmounted.
    'Rename ambiguous tab automatically' fails to draw texts on RTL.
    Drag & Drop starts accidentally by activating a tab.
    Now new versatile item follows other text label state.    
    Tab forgets its first travel log when new window is opened from a group.
    Fails to rename current folder if TabBar is not enabled. New rename dialog.

    Now ITabs are identical if they point to the same tab.
    Implements IPluginServer.HitTest method. now it uses the argument.
    IPluginServer.SelectedTab returns current path even if Tab Bar is not enabled.
    IPluginServer.GetMenuRenderer uses '&' prefix

    Now tools are installed to 'C:\Program Files\QTTabBar'
    Installer creates items in start menu (option). The path is 'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\QTTabBar'.

    Distributor.exe ( Language editor and downloader) requires .net Framework 4 Full.

Version 66 (2012-12-15)

    Explorer crashes when mouse cursor is placed on a NTFS junction point icon.

Version 65 (2012-12-15)

    An option to fix width of columns when 'List' mode for compatible view.
    File name tip for 'List' mode for compatible view.
    Desktop tool menu supports RTL Windows.

    Search box of explorer window loses keyboard focus on search starts.
    Navigation window (folder tree) loses keyboard focus after navigation starts.
    'Clear' buttons of Option window History tab don't work.
    Double-clicking on files opens new Tab when the tab is locked and prevents in-place navigation.
    Stripe colors for compatible view overwrite NTFS compression color and encryption color.
    Now time-outs when opening a group that contains 'slow' resources.
    Now time-outs when displaying a context menu for 'slow' resources.
    Fails to navigate to 'Recent places', 'Favorites' or a link to search result.
    Fails to get icons of 'Recent places' and 'Favorites'
    Desktop menu won't appear when taskbar double-clicked on Windows8
    Location of BusyForm of desktop tool is out of the screen.
    Desktop menu closes when clicked on title menus to open or close children.
    Now BusyForm closes by Esc key.
    Now Color dialogs save custom colors that users create.

Version 64 (2012-12-5)

    Now supports Right-To-Left Windows (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)
        An option to swap mouse X1 and X2 button. (Options -> General)
    Alternate row color for compatible details view. (Options -> Folder View)
    Now supports NTFS junction point.
    To avoid long busy wait, uses time-outs when handling dead links, junctions and symbolic links to disconnected network resources.
        Red arrows in menu indicate that items are not resolved. Press right cursor key (left in RTL) to retry to resolve with relatively long period.
    Background colors for Vertical Versatile Bar and Bottom Tab Bar. (Options -> Appearances(Toolbar))
    New menu style "Windows 8" (Options -> Appearances(Toolbar))
    Hash window transparency

    An exception occurs when the last tab is closed by double-click.
    Flickerings while no-full-row-select in compatible details view.
    A tab size is incorrect when restored by Ctrl+Shift+Z key when animation is enabled.
    Extra keyboard shortcuts to move cursor in Folder View. Implementation was forgotten.

Known restrictions for RTL
    Still undone for several forms and controls including Option window.
    Toolbar background image is not drawn properly.
    Drop shadows of menus are not in proper direction.

Version 33 (2012-11-17)

Fixed problems with the folder view customized by some kind of software or tool.
    Those tools make the view compatible with XP and Vista in order to disable full-row-selection feature and
    enable to arrange/order file icons freely.

+The compatible mode of the folder view (Options -> Folder View -> 'Compatible list view style')
+Option to disable full-row-selection of Details View
+Option to display column header always
+Option to draw watermark image on the view background of customized folders for pictures, music and videos.

Version 32 (2012-11-11)

New features:
    Now Tab Bar can be placed at the bottom of the window.
    Auto-hide mode of toolbars. (Options -> Toolbar)
    Now vertical versatile bar and bottom tab bar can be enabled alone.
        "Management toolbar" provides fundamental functionalities ( key shortcut, preview, etc.) without any other toolbars.
    New button to stop Preview temporarily. ( ButtonBar )
    D&D hover wait time to activate a tab. (Options -> Tab)
    D&D hover wait time to show subfolder menu on folder icons. (Options -> Subfolder menu)
    Now sub items in a Group are arrangeable in menu.
    Now a Group can have paths which point to unconnected network folders or removable disks.
    A option to disable mouse wheel on tabbar to change active. (Options -> Tab)
    Context menu on the Folder Band (command bar) of Windows7.
    A trial to track folder icon changes.
    Now tab text position can be adjusted per pixel. (Options -> Appearance(Tab) -> Tab title text -> Text offsets)
    Test of tab animation. (Options -> Tab)
    New key shortcuts:
        to swap active tab location with left and right one.
        to show or hide toolbars. 
    Preview window refined.
    Search box in keyboard shortcut finder window.
    Changed the sorting rule in Subfolder menu. Items that contain numbers are sorted in the same way as OS.

    FOLDERS WON'T EVEN OPEN when installed to non-Japanese Windows...
    Preview window sometimes displays what is not under the mouse cursor.
    RestoreWindow.exe fails to restore closed tabs.
    A tab sometimes remains after the folder which the tab points to is removed.
    Subfolder menu sometimes won't change its containts after files or folders are dropped onto it.
    Another than top-most explorer window captures tab.
    "Restore default settings" button of Option omits and leaves unrestored a few feautres.
    ShellExecuteHook handler sometimes fails to capture new explorer process.
    ShellExecuteHook handler fails to capture 32bit apps on 64bit Windows.
        (To enable this feature, you need to set the following registry value )
                EnableShellExecuteHooks = (DWORD) 1
    File Name Tooltip (Options -> Folder View) is not refreshed and displays wrong file name when 2 adjacent files have the same size in pixel.
    File Name Tooltip misinterprets ampersand character in file names.
    Desktop tool forgets menu expand state.
    QTTabBar activated in Internet Explorer disables the one in Shell.
    Some kind of menu won't disappear after item is clicked.
    Trying to get hash of files which contain semicolons in name causes exception.
    Tab orders of controls in Option window are in chaos.
    In Option window, tab size mode combobox changes tab render mode combobox value.
    Single row mode might cause infinite loop and freeze explorer.
    Insertion mark of TabBar appears in wrong location when single row mode.
    Unnecessary value is added to Tab skin sizing margin.
    Explorer process terminates with error when fails to open network folder and the window is closing.
    Explorer process terminates with error when a removable media is unmount and the window is closing.
    An exception occurs when invalid language file is applied in Option window.

Version β2 (2011-6-3)

Fixed: exception when Apply button of Option dialog window pressed

Version β1 (2011-6-3)


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