Development versions

QTTabBar ver 1024 beta 5 (2014-12-10) for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10TP (32bit/64bit) + .net Framework 4.0

(New in 1024)

- Extra views

Additional 2 folder views in an Explorer window.
Tabbed, full-featured as customized by QTTabBar.
Can be Enabled from toolbar menu.

- Event options
- Incremental search in Option window
- New Tab text rendering mode : GDI - rendered by GDI.
- Window size of application launched by File Command in CommandBar.
- new ScriptCommands added.
- Language file editor: New translation support for Malay, Maltese and Klingon.

(Fixed in 1024)

'QTTabBar command' item duplication in 'File' menu in menu bar.
Scripts fail to SetData / GetData QCollection objects.
Scripting processes may receive entangled results.

(New and Fixed in Beta2)

Stability improvement.
"Arguments" property in Scirpting Object.
Libary Folders in FolderTree are now navigatable without expanded under Computer.
** as a known issue, you'll see a weird folder when you go up from those folders…
Subfolder menu click event.

Extra addressbar scaling collapsed in high DPI.
Keyboard shortcuts won't work in Control Panels.


View background and text colors while the view has focus. (Compatible view)
Active/inactive Tab font style - italic, underlined, etc.
Filter box is added to Extra view - in the address bar.
Stability improvement.
Command buttons which are not associated to a specific view now work with focused view as a target.
Scripting supports extra views.

Single-row mode TabBar might fall into an infinite loop and freeze when a tab is larger than the bar.
Drag & drop won't start from Navigation pane.
Imported commands are incorreclty rebuilt: "Working directory" is mistaken as "Arguments" when Arguments is empty.
Additional keyshortcuts to move cursor on the view won't work.
Tab in GDI mode ignores colors.
Option - events are not saved.
Menu max character is not saved.
IE error dialog issue.


View background and text colors for Non-compatible view. (Options->Folder view)
Now you can set your favorite view watermark images. (Compatible view)

View and folder tree might scroll in reverse direction by Options -> Folder view -> "Scroll *** without focusing"
View forgets its selection-marked item after active tab changed.

(Beta5) New!

Test to fix the DFS link issue.