QTTabBar ver 1043 for 64bit (2020-12-20, 12-26)

- Extends Explorer by tabs and extra folder views
- Free/Donationware
- Multiple-language support by contributors
- for Windows7 & Windows8 & Windows8.1 & Windows10 (32bit/64bit) + .net Framework 4.0

Contributed languages include:

Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

For details about ver 1043, go to Change log.

QTTabBar ver 2048 beta 2 for 64bit Windows11 IP, Windows10... (2021-9-19) New

QTTabBar.exe (installer, MD5: 1A4782A50C18736761528BC51678EEFC)
QTTabBarEnabler.exe ( enabler tool for Windows11, MD5: 615B3F37ED0D95B53CCE9069B528B762)

Fixed and Changed:

Fixed GDI object leak

.net framework 4.8 is required.
Uses more threads to retrieve icons if equipped with CPU with many many cores.
Some useless options are removed.
"Desktop Tool" as taskbar toolbar is removed. Its functionalities are still available though.
xxHash algorithm added.
new event: middle click on file icon (not Folder).
Opening excluded folder leads to process hang.

In Windows 11 Insider Preview, there's no UI to enable QTTabBar and other toolbars in File Explorer window. Run QTTabBarEnabler.exe to save and load toolbar status.
It can also restore initial state where QTTabBar is enabled at the top of folder view.

When you fail to uninstall QTTabBar:
Try microsoft tool : The Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter. First remove QTTabBar with this utility, then re-install and uninstall QTTabBar. These actions will clearly uninstall the product.


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